Coral Reef Fish Species

When coming to the Riviera Maya Snorkeling Tour you’ll be able to find lots of different Fish Species while discovering the magic Coral Reef, actually the Second Largest Coral Reef Barrier in the world, and the idea of sharing this with you is that you can probably know a little more about the fish you are going to see on our tour or you saw if you already did it.

There exist a lot of different fish groups that you can divide by sizes and types of fish, you don’t need to know all that but we’ll point a couple of fish yuo might actualy see.

Barracuda. The barracudo is one of the great predators of the Reef and is always on the watch on the limit of the water.

Grouper. These guys will be hiding from you on little caves on the Reef, some of the bigger ones might be out there and wander around you.

Green Moray. These are amazing to spot in the Reef, they are so magestic.

Parrotfish. You’ll be able to see lots of Parrotfish at the Puerto Morelos Coral Reef in the Protected National Marina Park, sometimes wou’ll even hear how they chew the Coral in order to turn it into sand.

Angelfish. These are magestic to see, there can be all sizes but the big ones are just great to see.

Coral Reef Fish Species Riviera Maya - Cancun


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