Rates listed on the website are valid on the date the reservation inquiry is made and are subject to change without notice. Published rates are not guaranteed until payment is received. All reservations are subject to availability. Confirmation numbers will not be issued until payment has been received in full.

When you make a reservation you must provide written or verbal authorization to charge your credit card. By authorizing the charge you acknowledge our Reservation and Payment Policies, Cancellation Policies and Disclaimer. Changes to existing reservations are subject to availability and necessary rate adjustments.

You can make the reservation up to one day (1) prior to your arrival but you must be aware that cancellation policies will apply.

Print out of your reservation voucher and present it when you check in for your reserved service.

Cancellation Policy (Applies for any service)

  • Cancellations made one (1) days or more prior the tour date (shuttle, tour or hotel) are subject to a 10% cancellation charge.
  • There are no refunds for cancellations or “no shows” on the day that service is scheduled.
  • There are no refunds for services executed.


Payment Policies

We gladly accept several Credit Cards via PayPal (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bank of America, etc…).

Your reservation will be charged in full to your credit card upon receipt.

The name that WILL appear on your bank statements is: “PAYPAL*RIVIERAMAYA”

Rates shown in US dollars will be charged in US.

General Information

Riviera Maya Snorkeling provides private Transportation Service from the Hotels to the area where the Snorkeling Tour is provided and back in licensed vehicles which possess an insurance to cover all its passengers.

Riviera Maya Snorkeling is an intermediary between the client and the service providers listed on the website like Snorkeling Tours and Transportation. As such, Riviera Maya Snorkeling creates the necessary commercial connections in compliance with its own service and quality standards to provide services of Snorkeling Tours. Only the most reputable suppliers are selected for this purpose, however Riviera Maya Snorkeling cannot be held liable for their acts, omissions, wrongdoings or negligence on their part. Snorkeling services are subject to the conditions set by the suppliers, and their liability may, in turn, be limited by their tariffs and conditions of service. Riviera Maya Snorkeling acts only in its role of intermediary for the client and service provider and does not retain any legal authority or control over the service provider´s personnel, assets, operation and/or property.

Riviera Maya Snorkeling declares:

  • Photographic material published on its website is intended to render a general description of the service in question and by no means can be guaranteed that the service will be supplied exactly as depicted.
  • Descriptions of services are regularly updated to maintain an accurate description. However, Riviera Maya Snorkeling cannot be held accountable for variations occurring upon your date of service.
  • Riviera Maya Snorkeling reserves the right to deny services to any client at any given moment if and when it considers convenient to do so.
  • Any claim or notice that the client should present about the services received must be submitted in writing within 30 (thirty) days from last day of travel.

Limitations of Liabilities

Riviera Maya Snorkeling will not assume liability for any claims, costs or expenses arising from injury to the client or third parties, accident, loss of life, loss or damage to personal property, lack of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, anguish, distress or frustration be it mental or physical resulting from the following:

  • Acts or omissions caused by any party and its employees other than Riviera Maya Snorkeling.
  • Illness, theft, labor disputes, mechanical failures, quarantine, government actions, weather or any other circumstance beyond direct control of Riviera Maya Snorkeling.
  • The client´s failure to obtain the required travel documentation including but not limited to, passport, visas and certificates, in which case no refund will be granted.
  • The client´s failure to comply with travel instructions including, but not limited to, flight schedules, hotel check-in and check-out dates and times, and voucher redemption policies.
  • Changes to or cancellation of the travel services offered for any reason. Riviera Maya Snorkeling reserves the right to cancel or change the travel services at its discretion, but will attempt to substitute the cancelled service with comparable ones. If a reservation must completely be canceled, Riviera Maya Snorkeling liability will be limited to a refund of money paid to Riviera Maya Snorkeling.
  • A full refund will not be granted by Riviera Maya Snorkeling in situations when a service must be interrupted, postponed or cancelled for reasons beyond its control (force majeure including inclement weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, strikes, war, acts of terrorism, etc.), circumstances under which Riviera Maya Snorkeling is not allowed to obtain full refund from service operators according to specific contract terms. Riviera Maya Snorkeling will be entitled to up to a 10% retention upon the total amount paid by the client for his/her reservation to cover bookkeeping and administrative costs.