Price of the Snorkeling Tour: $99 USD per person.

Pick up at hotel:

Morning Tour: 7:45 AM – 8:15 AM

Noon Tour: 11:45 AM – 12:15 PM

You get to the beautiful beach at the Beach Club in Puerto Morelos.

  • Take the boat at 9 AM (1 PM) and go for 2 hours on the Snorkeling Tour. You go to two spots for 45 minutes each and enjoy the beautiful Caribbean waters with its turquoise colors.
  • 11 AM or 3 PM. You come back to the Beach Club.
  • You have 2 hours of spare time for you to eat and drink and relax on the beach or use the hammocks.
  • 1 PM or 5 PM. You need to be ready and dry to take the transportation back to your hotel, which would take about 20 to 40 minutes depending on traffic conditions.
  • 2 PM or 6 PM. You should be back at your hotel. (Timing is aprox.)