Cancun Snorkeling

Cancun is definitely a travel destination where you can enjoy the nature at its best. Sure there are lots of top class resorts and beautiful restaurants and trendy shops you can check out and that’s totally ok, but it’s all surrounded by nature.

Riviera Maya Snorkeling Tour
Cancun Snorkeling

One of the best things you can do with this nature is to get to know it and what better thing to know it than Snorkeling in Cancun. In order to go Cancun Snorkeling you need to know where the nice spots are, and in most cases you’ll need a tour to get to the place you want to get to.

Also, the reason I say that snorkeling is a great option is because you don’t really need to be an expert in order to do it, like probably diving where you need a whole course to learn how to do it.

So now said that, let’s talk about the places you can go Snorkeling in Cancun.

Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos Snorkeling
Puerto Morelos Snorkeling

Well, not only for that, Puerto Morelos is really close to Cancun and it’s known as the entrance to the Riviera Maya, by close we mean only about 20 minutes by car, of course always depending on traffic conditions. Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos is amazing because you’ll see a lot of marine life and lots of colors in the coral reef, all of this because Puerto Morelos has a National Marina Protected Park and fishing and motor sports are not allowed in a big area.

If you are lucky you’ll see some turtles, rays, nurse sharks, which are not dangerous at all, lots of parrot fish and more.

Puerto Morelos is really nice, it used to be a fisherman town and now is more like a tourist town still keeping its local sensation.

Snorkeling in Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres Snorkeling
Snorkeling Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is another great place to go snorkeling and is also really close to Cancun, it will take about the same amount of time to get there but on a ferry, it’s about 20 minutes.

In order to go Snorkeling in Isla Mujeres you can either take the ferry to the island and book a tour on-site with or you can book a tour from your hotel in Cancun and ship away from Cancun itself.


Cancun Snorkeling Nizuc
Cancun Snorkeling Nizuc

This is one end of the Cancun Hotel Zone and there is a hotel actually named like this. Right next to this hotel there is a place where you can go by yourself and go snorkeling from the shore, the area is kind of rocky but this makes it more interesting since you can probably see lobsters, small octopus and other sea creatures.


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